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ーHagoromo Foods implements its corporate philosophy.ー


                    "We will continue to strive to be a company that values the blessings of nature,

                              which are irreplaceable, and contributes to the healthy and abundant diet of all people."

Since its founding in 1931, Hagoromo Foods Group has produced and sold a wide range of products, including foods such as canned and pouched tuna (Sea Chicken brand) and sweet corn (Shakitto-Corn brand), pasta and pasta sauce, dried bonito flakes, laver, rice seasonings, packed prepared rice, supplements, and pet foods, fish meal.

Our network of production facilities—including six company-owned plants and about 80 affiliated plants—and sales facilities consisting of branches and sales offices in 24 locations across Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, deliver safe, reliable products to customers.


Our group has long been involved in the food business with canned foods as its main product. The recycling rate for canning containers is very high, and more than 90% of both steel and aluminum cans are recycled. In addition, it can be stored for a long time at room temperature and can be eaten deliciously without cooking. In other words, canning is an "environmentally conscious product that uses sustainable containers." our company has been developing its business in line with the "realization of a sustainable society" for 90 years and has been loved and grown by customers.

Our group is committed to solving social issues through its business activities. That is to say, we will put into practice our management philosophy of "We aim to be a company loved by people and the earth." We will continue to strive to be a company that values the blessings of nature, which are irreplaceable, and that can contribute to a healthy and abundant diet for all.


We appreciate your continued support of our simple, convenient, healthy, and eco-friendly products.