Co-CEO President<br/>     Saeko Goto
Co-CEO President
Saeko Goto

Since the establishment in 1931, Hagoromo Foods Group has been manufacturing and selling over 1,000 diverse types of food products such as Sea Chicken, Shakit-Corn, and other canned goods, pasta, bonito flakes, dried laver, rice seasoning, packed rice, products for businesses, and pet foods.


Our group has about 80 directly operated  and affiliated factories and more than 20 domestic sales outlets spanning the length of the Japanese archipelago.


Our corporate policy is to be loved by people and nature through coherent system which we manage each product from procurement, production, to sales. We set our corporate message as “Connecting people and nature delectably”, our employees are dedicated to helping consumers enjoy a range of delicious and wholesome food products.


We look forward to continue serving you with delicious, simple and convenient, healthy, and environment-friendly products.