Management Philosophy

The Hagoromo Foods Group philosophy is “Working to Be Loved by People and by Nature.”
We aim to offer products and undertake food culture activities that will bring smiles, family gathering, and happiness to the dinner table.
Our products are the bounties of the earth, gift from the sea and land, and we use these resources carefully.
Through our sincere approach towards business activities, we will continue to be a well-loved brand that is also loved by earth.

Corporate Message

“Connecting People and Nature Delectably”
Hagoromo Foods Group connects people and nature in various ways - not just by delivering nature’s bounties to our customers, but by also supplying delicious products that match current lifestyles and trends.
Nature can provide us with gifts that are delicious or gentle on the body, or provide power, or make us beautiful or smart. Hagoromo Foods Group feels that its work is not just about supplying the flavor of these natural blessings but also about devising delicious combinations and creating an environment for their consumption.

Scope of Business

Hagoromo Foods helps its customers deliver smiles to the dining experience.
Our business is about supplying a wide variety of foods, but it is also about other food-related businesses. Food has an inherent value as a material, but when we add the concept of place (environment), a cultural value is added. Hagoromo Foods includes this idea of environment in the scope of its activities.
We are expanding our business opportunities for different meal situations with deliciousness, nutrition, and communication.