MAY. 1931 Started business as Goto Canning.
JUL. 1947 Incorporated as Shimizuya Co.,Ltd.
MAY. 1948 Goto Canning Products Co.,Ltd. adopted as a new Corporate name.
MAY. 1956 Established Tokyo Sales office.
OCT. 1957 Received a royal visit of the Emperor and Empress.
NOV. 1958 Sea Chicken became a registered brand mark.
JUL. 1961 Established Nagoya Sales office.
MAR. 1962 Established Osaka Sales office.
OCT. Pasta Plant completed. Started the manufacture and sales of macaroni and spaghetti.
JUN. 1967 Began TV advertisement of Sea Chicken.
JUL. 1969 Hagoromo Canning Company chosen as our new corporate name.
OCT. 1978 Bio Plant completed. Manufacture and sale of fish extract begun.
JUL. 1987 Established C.A.D. Inc.
SEP. Merged Tohoku Hagoromo.
DEC. Hagoromo Foods Corporation adopted as our new corporate name.
MAR. 1988 Completed a new Yaizu Plant.
JUN. Established a Bangkok office.
MAR. 1990 Expanded Pasta Plant.
JUL. Renewed Bio Plant.
DEC. Established Central Logistics Corporation.
OCT. 1992 Established an Office of Culinary Information and Culture in Tokyo.
NOV. 1993 New corporate office completed.
APR. 1994 Research Center completed.
APR. 1998 Yaizu chilled Plant completed.
FEB. 2000 Listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange Second Section.
SEP. Sunrise Plant completed.
MAR. 2001 Merged C.A.D. Inc.
APR. 2005 Acquired shares from Maruai Co., Ltd. and their two affiliated companies.
APR. 2011 Central Logistics Corporation renamed Central Service Corporation.
JAN. 2012 Fujisan Pasta Plant completed.
APR. 2017 Merged Maruai Co., Ltd.
MAR. 2018 Head Office transfer to SURUGA-KU,SHIZUOKA-SHI,SHIZUOKA-KEN.
APR. Maruai Shoji Corporation renamed Hagoromo Shoji Corporation.
NOV. Hagoromo Innovation Center completed.
OCT. 2020 New Shimizu Plant completed.
MAR. 2021 Merged Hagoromo Shoji Corporation.