The Hagoromo Foods Group and its affiliated companies manufacture and sell a diverse variety of food products. The following are our line of business and their representative products.


Tuna Products

Hagoromo Foods produces over ten kinds of Sea Chicken, a recognised canned tuna brand in Japan.  Using different species of fish, style, packaging and size.  If we include our boiled, additive-free and mayonnaise blend products we boast over 20 products in our range. We offer Sea Chicken, an indispensable product in Japanese kitchen.



In addition to delicious mikan oranges, white and yellow peaches, and pineapples sourced worldwide, Hagoromo Foods offer the Asakara Fruit series for breakfast, reduced sugar selections such as Amami Assari series, and our speciality selections like sweetened azuki beans and a Japanese-style dessert called ‘Zenzai’.  Products are available in various sizes and in both cans and pouches.



To accompany our Poporo Spa pasta series, conveniently bound into portions, we present Sala Spa and Sala Maca - perfect choices for salads and other macaroni products.  Our extensive range meets a wide range of needs.                             As well as our popular canned meat sauces, we also offer a series of Asari to Yasai, (shellfish and  vegetable) pasta sauces, and Spa Gra, spaghetti gratin that can easily be prepared at home.

Side Dishes

Vegetables and Deli

We offer a wide and varied range of deli items including sweetcorn Shakitto Corn brand  in both cans and pouches for single serve and toppings in our Home Cooking series.  Our Kenko series features canned and pouched mackerel, saury and sardines and in a unique collaboration, Hagoromo and King Oscar offer hand packed sardines in oil.


Bonito Flakes, Nori Seaweed and Rice Seasonings

Bonito flakes, dried and seasoned Nori seaweed,and rice seasoning are well known as authentic Japanese foods.  Hagoromo Foods produces traditional Japanese foods with new concepts to extend the traditional uses into the modern dish. Hagoromo Mai, proposal not only use as Dashi in the modern way also as topping, is just one of our new concept items that can be used in the traditional way.

Gift set

Gift Sets

Hagoromo Foods offers various nice gift sets canned and dried food  that are delicious, safe and useful.  The gift sets are perfect for the gift giving season or when you just want to give someone a gift.

Packed Rice

Packed Rice

Papatto Rice series comes in pack that conveniently provides two servings of boiled rice.  We use famous varieties of rice such as the aromatic Koshihikari rice and Yanwakagohan which the rice boil tenderly to satisfy different dishes and tastes.

Products for Businesses

Products for Business

We supply the hospitality, catering and industrial customers with items such as tuna, various fruits, and sweetcorn.  We work with our customers to develop new items and menu ideas.

Pet Foods

Pet Foods

Hagoromo Foods produces a variety of pet foods which are proudly Made in Japan.Our goal is to offer the most delicious and healthiest meals for your pets.  Hagoromo Foods produces the additive free Muichimotsu series and Nekomanma series made from natural tuna and bonito.



We can proudly announce that none of our tuna goes to waste.  Tuna not used in our products is processed in our own Japanese Bio Plant to produce fish extracts, fish oil and feeds.  We actively research the benefits of fish extracts in functional foods.